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Who is Lawrence of Arabia?

Thomas Edward Lawrence, known as Lawrence of Arabia, coordinated the Arab Revolt against the Turks with British military operations. Lawrence of Arabia was the illegitimate so (MORE)

Gulfs in the world?

Gulf of Aden Gulf of Alaska Gulf of California Gulf of Carpentaria Oman Gulf of Fonseca Gulf of Guayaqui Gulf of Guinea Gulf of Chihli Gulf of Kotor Gulf of Mexico (the bigge (MORE)

Who is Podi Lawrence?

Podi Lawrence is an international award-winning painter from  England. She was born in 1941 in Ilford Essex to Ivy Elizabeth  Lawrence and Leslie Thomas William Arnold.  (MORE)

What was the gulf war about?

The Gulf War started when Iraq decided to invade Kuwait for its large deposits of oil. America and its allies were not happy so they took action and gave the iraqis a deadline (MORE)

Who was Lawrence Washington?

Lawrence Washington was George Washingtons half-brother. George went to live with Lawrence after his father died in 1743. Lawrence acted as a substitute father to George. Lawr (MORE)

Why are Saint Peter and Saint Paul saints?

Peter and Paul were saints only in the New Testament meaning of the word. Canonization by the church does not make anyone a saint except in the eyes of man. In the New Testa (MORE)