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What makes mashed potatoes gummy?

The gumminess is caused by starch that has been released from the cells of the potato, forming a paste. This is usually caused by overbeating the cooked potatoes, for example (MORE)

Why do gummy bears absorb water?

Substances in the gummy bear that make it solid are: glucose, starch and gelatin. All of these substances can absorb water. While water can be absorbed, the starch and gelatin (MORE)

Where did gummy bears originate?

They originated in Germany, when a man named Hans Riegel had the idea to make a fruit flavoured gelatin candy, called Gummibar.
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Are gummy bears suitable for vegetarians?

I personally have never seen a gummy bear package that didn't say gelatin on it, which is not suitable for vegetarians since it is boiled down bones. boiled down bones is nast (MORE)

What are gummy bears?

gummy bears are kinda like fruit snacks but in the shape of bears try googling them this was the original answer but the guy who did it before misspelled googled so i fixed (MORE)

How do you take the gumminess out of mashed potatoes?

The unfortunate answer is, there really isn't anything you can do. You most likely overcooked, or overworked them, or both. Overworking them is most likely the culprit, either (MORE)