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Use gumption in a sentence?

However, it takes some gumption to choose an underachieving local side, because they are nearer home than nearer to the champions league.

What is the theme of no gumption?

It is important to attempt new paths in life. . One never knows if they will be good at anything until they have tried it. . It is important to set realistic expectations fo (MORE)

What is the story of No Gumption?

"No Gumption" is a chapter in the memoir Growing Up byRussell Baker. He writes about how he was considered to not have"gumption" by his mother and others; he preferred to re (MORE)

How are No Gumption and Barrio Boy the same and different?

Both No Gumption and Barrio Boy are similar as they are accounts ofeach authorâ??s childhood. Both authors grew up to becomesuccessful writers. The author of No Gumption be (MORE)