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How To Become A GunSmith?

You can take several classes to become a Gunsmith, there are online courses where you send in money and complete the program and they send you your certificate in the mail. Yo (MORE)

What does a gunsmith wear?

A gunsmith will usually just wear normal clothes. However, they  will also avoid wearing loose clothing. They must wear safety  equipment.

What does a gunsmith do?

A gunsmith is a person who repairs, modifies, designs, or builds firearms. This occupation is different from an armored. The armorer primarily maintains (disassembly, cleaning (MORE)

What did gunsmiths do?

they make guns? Gunsmiths did indeed make guns. Today some gunsmiths do still make guns, but most repair and adjust guns. They may repair or replace parts, chamber a firearm (MORE)

Can a felon be a gunsmith?

Generally speaking, no. A felon cannot legally own or have access to guns, so a felon would not be able to work as a gunsmith legally. If the person has had his rights restore (MORE)

What tools were used by gunsmiths in the 1800s?

While researching the history of American gun culture, I spent quite a bit of time looking for evidence of gunsmiths -- both those who made guns, and those who repaired them. (MORE)

Who does a gunsmith depend on?

Gunsmiths depend on UPS to deliver them parts and supplies they need to do the work. Gunsmiths depend on a steady supply of customers who not only need work done on their guns (MORE)

How can you become a gunsmith?

The most basic answer is, open a gun store and advertise. However, it is more common for a person to go to a gunsmithing school, get a certificate, then go to work for a gun s (MORE)

What does a gunsmith do for people?

Repairs and cleans firearms. Firearms are used for sport, for protection, and in some cases, for work.
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