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What tools does a colonial gunsmith use?

A colonial gunsmith repaired guns, so they would have used tools  similar to what blacksmiths used-things like bellows, hammers,  tongs, metal files, and drills. Gunsmiths a (MORE)

What tools did a gunsmith use?

A gunsmith used a hammer, chisels, anvil, handfile, and a furnace. For material they would use iron, wood, metal, silver, coal, and brass

What did gunsmiths do?

they make guns? Gunsmiths did indeed make guns. Today some gunsmiths do still make guns, but most repair and adjust guns. They may repair or replace parts, chamber a firearm (MORE)

Can a ex fellon become a gunsmith?

Well, first, let's define terms. The term ex-felon is almost always used incorrectly. If someone is a felon, the only way to be an ex-felon is to have the charges completely r (MORE)

What does a gunsmith do?

A gunsmith is a person who repairs, modifies, designs, or builds firearms. This occupation is different from an armored. The armorer primarily maintains (disassembly, cleaning (MORE)

What happened to Gander Mountain Gunsmiths?

It was a corporate decision to reorganize the gunsmith department, from having gunsmiths in all 119 stores to 17 regional services centers. What is the reasoning behind this d (MORE)

Who was john archer gunsmith?

John Archer was a gunsmith in Wheeling (West) Virginia. One gun is dated 1882. Noted in my book on W Va Gunsmiths (3 editions). Sellers, American Gunsmiths, lists him in Wells (MORE)

Who does a gunsmith depend on?

Gunsmiths depend on UPS to deliver them parts and supplies they need to do the work. Gunsmiths depend on a steady supply of customers who not only need work done on their guns (MORE)

Can someone with epilepsy become a gunsmith?

Yes, they could. Unless they were experiencing very regular andvery severe seizures, a person with epilepsy can do a lot ofthings. A gunsmith in the whole of their health is g (MORE)