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Write a brief note on popular culture?

Popular culture, or Pop-Culture is usually what is popular in society at a certain amount of time. It might be a television program, a fashion line, or a music group. Pop-Cult (MORE)

What is a popular food in the Hawaiian culture?

If you mean Hawaiian culture as the general culture of the Islands, then you can take your pick of any of several cuisines -- Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Italian, F (MORE)

The difference between a mass culture and a popular culture?

Mass Culture is an amalgam of ideas, values, beliefs, attitudes , perspective due to common exposure of the population to cultural activities, norms, traditions and same media (MORE)

What are the types of popular culture?

I can think of thirteen different types of popular culture: 1.  Books2.  Periodicals (Newspapers/Magazines/Comic Books)3.  Toys/Video Games4.  Television5.  Film6.  The (MORE)

What are advantage of popular culture?

The advantage of popular culture is that people get to get along  with the new trends easily. The other advantage is that since it is  popular it is very simple to make frie (MORE)
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What is Belgium's popular culture?

Belgium is one of the smallest melting pots in the world. There are  many cultures located in the country. The most popular of these is  the home culture of Belgian which ha (MORE)

Is high culture inherently superior to popular culture?

High culture has no inherent superiority to popular culture, but itis used by the elite to separate themselves from the masses andappear superior. The elite believe that this (MORE)

How did the cold war affect popular culture?

The Cold War had a massive effect on popular culture. Many  different films and novels came out that were based on the fear of  communists and communism. One of the most fam (MORE)
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What is meant with popular culture?

Popular culture refers to a group of things that are popular within a large section of the population at the present time. Historically it is interesting to observe how this c (MORE)