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Where did the Gurkha originally inhabit?

Gurkhas or Gorkhas originated in Nepal. The first Gurkhas were the  disciples of the Hindu saint Gorkhanath. The original Gurkhas are  from Middle Class Nepal, namely the Cl (MORE)

What are Gurkhas?

Gurkhali was the name given to the army of NEPAL during the rule of Prithivi Narayan Shah who unified Nepal in 17th century.He was the descendant of Dravya Shah who was the fo (MORE)

Why gurkhas called gurkhas?

  Gurkas are orignally from the place called "Gorkha" in Nepal. King Pritivi Narayan Shah of Gorkha united Nepal and hence the brave army of Gorkha was renowned world wide (MORE)

Do gurkhas eat beef?

Some don't. Gurkhas are Hindu, Buddhists and many religious backgrounds. Hindus treat cows as their holy animals. So, the religion don't allow them..
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What is gurkha?

a soldier from Nepal who may serve his own country in a UN sponsored contingent, as a soldier of the United Kingdom's Brigade of Gurkhas, as a soldier of the Indian Armies Gur (MORE)
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What reputation do the Gurkhas have?

Gurkhas have a good reputation. they have fought for britain for  nearly 200 years and are known for being fearless and trustworthy.
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Who is Gurkha?

The Gurkha are people mainly from the Mid-Western and eastern  Nepal. Their name derives Khambu warrior Gorakhnthan in the 8th  Century