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How did Guru Nanak became Guru?

Guru Nanak became guru because, he believed in one god and that Muslims and Hindus should not be separated and should be united instead. He went missing for 3 days at the age ( Full Answer )
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How did guru angad become a guru?

One day, Bhai Lehna(Later Guru Angad) heard the recitation of a hymn of Guru Nanak Dev Ji from Bhai Jodha a neighbor who was a follower of the Guru. His mind was captured by t ( Full Answer )
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Who is guru?

Guru is a religious teacher and spiritual guide Sikhism. In Sikhism there are 11 guru's and Sikh's follow their command... Hinduism is a completely different religion than ( Full Answer )
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Who is a guru?

A guru in general not specifying in Sikhism is a person who educates us and tells us to diff.
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Why was guru Nanak chosen to be a guru?

Guru Nanak wasn't chosen to be a Guru he became a Guru by travelling around India and other countries. You see he was brought up as a Hindu but didnt believe in the whole reli ( Full Answer )
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How did Guru Nanak become guru?

Guru Nanak became guru because at the time, he felt there were many things wrong, like the Caste System for example, and he thought that he should make a religion or belief of ( Full Answer )
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What did the Gurus do?

They guide initiates towards Dharma ( . They guide atmans(souls) to enlightenment, if that is what an initiate wants . In which case, any ( Full Answer )
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What do Gurus have to do?

To teach people about life and Dharma . To enlighten an atman(soul) of one of there followers if they are attaining enligtment . To free any atman(soul) who has followed the ( Full Answer )
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Who are guru nanak and guru gobind?

guru nanak = stayed at the golden temple after the buddah guru gobhind = was one of the 10 gurus that started the sikh religion ! hope this helps