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Why was it called the Gustav line?

Answer "Gustav" was a common German name and does not refer to any specific person. For example, the G Model of the Messerschmidt Bf-109 was called the "Gustav"; the E Model (MORE)

Did Gustav Klimt have a wife?

Although he was never married he did have a live-in companion named Emelie Floge from approx 1890 till his death in 1918 who he fathered 14 children with.
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Who is Friedrich Engels?

"Fredrich Engels was the co developer of Marxism with his more wellknown colleague Karl Marx" Improved: Friedrich Engels was aradical thinker and is best known for his contr (MORE)

How was Gustave Eiffel's childhood?

During youth, the two strongest influences on Eiffel were both successful chemists, his uncle Jean-Baptiste Mollerat and Michel Perret. Both men spent a lot of time with young (MORE)

Who was Friedrich Nietzsche?

You are most likely talking about Friedrich Nietzsche, an  existentialist German philosopher from the 19th century. A man of  bold words and ideas, he has been perhaps one o (MORE)

Who is Gustav nyquist?

  Gustave Nyquist is a Swedish-born hockey player. He plays for the University of Maine. Here is a link to his bio on the University of Maine web site: http://goblackbea (MORE)

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