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Why sumer is a civilization?

Sumer is a civilization because it fits all characteristics of a civilization. First, Sumer has a stable food supply (for food for the people). Then, Sumer had a social struct (MORE)
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Why is sumer important?

Fist of all, Sumer is where writing was born. Also, because Of the Ziggurats it has, and how the people grew as humans, ( for example the development of writing ) also, becaus (MORE)
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How did Sumer develop the features of civilization?

they discovered how to make glass out of sand and they were the  first people to mix copper and tin to make bronze!!!!     No and no. They moved into the Tigris/Eup (MORE)
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Was sumer in Mesopotamia?

Yes. The Sumerian civilization (the first civilization on Earth) appeared 9000 years ago. Because spelt grew on the banks of the Tigris and the Euphrates river, humans became (MORE)
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Where was sumer located?

It was located by the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, which made it easier for the Sumerians to grow crops and get water.

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