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What is Antonius gyrator?

The question referres to an erronous transliteration of the name "Antoniou". There is no "Antonius gyrator", so you will get no answer. But there is an "Antoniou gyrator" . To (MORE)
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What is gyrator?

A gyrator is a two-port electrical network element. It is passive,linear, and lossless. This device was proposed in 1948 by BernardTellegen.
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Can you gyrate your head?

Yes, a person can gyrate their head. Gyrate means to move quickly,move or cause to move in a great circle or spiral.
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What is the radius of gyration?

Radius of gyration is the distance from the centre of gravity to the axis of rotation to which the weight of the rigid body will concentrate without altering the moment of ine (MORE)
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Who is gyrate?

More like, 'What is gyrate'. To gyrate is a verb - it means to spin on ones own vertical axis. AKA - to spin.
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What does gyrating means?

Turning yourself or someone else or something else round the respective vertical axis more than once. Beleve me, I understand Greek!!!!
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What is gyrating?

Imagine turning your body like a gyro, twist your hips in circles while turning your body in another circle, and tilting from side to side.. It just means twisting and turnin (MORE)
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Gyrate in a sentence?

Gyrate means to spin and twist. Here are some sentences. . The clothing on the line will gyrate wildly in the strong wind. . To do this dance, you gyrate in time to the mu (MORE)