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What are the rates for Haarlem Hotels?

Haarlem Hotels offers up to 80% discount on cheap hotels on Haarlems premium sites. The Haarlem Hotel rooms are offered as low as $30.00 per night with a wealth of choices to ( Full Answer )
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Do Haarlem Hotels allow pets to stay?

"Yes, Haarlem Hotels are a pet friendly hotel. Your pet must be under 25 pounds, and must be leashed at all times it is not in the room. The rooms provide you with all your pe ( Full Answer )
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Are Haarlem Hotels good hotels to stay at?

"Hotels in Haarlem run the spectrum from not so good to excellent, so on balance most Haarlem Hotels are good hotels to stay at. Look for TripAdvisors to help book your room i ( Full Answer )
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What has the author W M van Haarlem written?

W. M. van Haarlem has written: 'Graven in de Nijldelta' -- subject(s): Archaeological expeditions, Excavations (Archaeology), Tombs, Antiquities