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Why is the haber process important?

The Haber process is important because prior to its discovery, ammonia had been difficult to produce on an industrial scale, and fertilizer generated from ammonia today is res (MORE)

How do modern ammonia production facilities obtain pure hydrogen and pure nitrogen for the Haber process?

Hydrogen is produced by reacting methane (CH4(g),(natural gas)) with steam (H2O(g)), producing carbon dioxide (CO2(g)) and hydrogen (H2(g)). Nitrogen (N2(g)) is obtained by th (MORE)

How does the haber process work?

See link below for a discussion of the process. Nitrogen which reacts very little at normal temperatures and pressures, is placed under heat and pressure, and is reacted with (MORE)

Is the Haber process reaction endothermic or exothermic?

The Haber process is a reversible reaction: N2(g) + 3H2(g) 2NH3(g) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (MORE)

What is the word equation for the Haber process?

1 molecule nitrogen + 3mlecules hydrogen, give 2molecules ammonia. This is done in 200 atmospheres pressure and 550 degrees C on iron-molybdenum catalyst ------------------ (MORE)
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Why was the haber process important?

A better question is Why IS the haber process important? It is involved in nitrogen fixation and Ammonification which is of course used in fertilizer therefore without the hab (MORE)
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What is the Haber process used for?

The Haber process is good for producing ammonia. Per Wikipedia, use  the following: Pressure 150-250 bars, temperature 300-550°C Have  the reactant gases (1 part nitrogen t (MORE)

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