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What is a habit?

The word 'habit' is a noun; a word for:1. regularly repeatedbehavior pattern: an action or pattern of behavior that isrepeated so often that it becomes typical of somebody, (MORE)

Who were habitants?

the habitants were people of new France given land by seigneuries and had to keep farming it.they had a simple life they were not poor or rich they were averagely rich/poor bu (MORE)

What does the habitants do?

they came from France sailing through the saint Laurence river adn now they are controlled by the canadain seigneurie farming with no payment

What is a habitant?

the word refers to a French Canadian. Maybe the answer you are looking for in an 'inhabitant' who is one who lives in a certain place

What is the habit of an dolphin?

dolphins live in salt water in the intertidal zone or the neritic zone. some whales however live in the open-ocean zone also known as the twighlight or midnight zone. some dol (MORE)
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A habit is a?

A habit is a settled or regular tendency or practice, especiallyone that is hard to give up.

What are horse's habits?

they like to have attention they will do anything for that they'll even start kicking the walls of there stall's don't get to close if they are nipping at flies or kicking eve (MORE)

What are habits of OCD?

Can I just point out that not all of these apply to everyone with OCD. Everyone is different and therefore habits very from person to person. . cleaning . hand washing . (MORE)