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What is hacking?

Hacking is the act of breaking in to a computersystem and is a criminal offence under the computer misuse. Answer: The really simple definition of hacking: is gaining a ( Full Answer )
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What is a hack?

One type of hack is something that lets you cheat in a game. You can also hack computers, and many other things. Some of the variations of a hack in a game like Counter Strike ( Full Answer )
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How do you hack?

Hacking There are at least three common meanings for the term "hack" (not counting the one regarding trees). The least common is widely used only within the programming comm ( Full Answer )
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How can you be hacked?

You can be hacked by giving out personal information, responding to spam emails or even visiting the wrong website. It is best to have the latest firewalls and security softwa ( Full Answer )
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What is hacked?

Hacked means your information has been stolen, or taken away.When's something gets hacked it means someone gained access to youraccount and now it is at risk.
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When hacked what to do?

well i think you are surprised why no one answered your question it's because there are lots of types of viruses if you were hacked by a Trojan you can remove it with avg anti ( Full Answer )
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Can you hack?

The short answer is yes, if you had the technical knowledge you could. However, there is a difference between ethical hacking (White Hatting) and unethical hacking (Black Hatt ( Full Answer )
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How can does hacking?

There are quite alot of diffrent ways of hacking here is a forum to tell you all about it.
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What is hacking about?

The traditional answer is that a hack is a clever solution to a programming problem. Over the years the media have borrowed the word and use it to describe trying to get unaut ( Full Answer )
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Who do you hack?

Because they like to ruin of peoples fun, troll, or they're justnot good at the game.