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Who is Hades?

Hades was the ruler of Tartarus and the Underworld. Though Hades is the God of the Dead, he is not the God of Death . Hades eventually became known (incorrectly) as a name fo (MORE)
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What is hades?

Hades is the greek god of the Underworld. It's also the name for the Underworld, sometimes.
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Where was Hades from?

Hades was born to his mother Rhea and his father Cronus on the island of Crete. He now resides in the Underworld as it's ruler.
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Who was Hades?

Hades, in Greek mythology, was the god of riches, ruler of the deadand god of the Underworld. The Underworld was where all the deadpeople went, according to the Ancient Greeks (MORE)
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Where is hades from?

First: Kronos's stomach when Kronos swallowed Hades when he was ababy. Then: Mount Olympus where he was raised. After: They kicked him out of Mount Olympus because he was not (MORE)
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What does Hades do?

Hades is the Greek god of the underworld, in Greek mythology he watches over it to make sure everything runs smoothly.
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What is hadees?

Hades is the greek god of death and the underworld(where you go when you die). Also known as Pluto in roman mythology. He has a helmet of invisibility.
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Why did they name the ride Hades after Hades?

The ride it goes underneath the Mount Olympus (theme park) parking lot to do a couple of turns and then it goes back underneath the parking lot back into the amusement park. H (MORE)
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Why did they name hades hades?

Hades is the God of the Underworld, and is often 'unseen'. The name Hades means 'the unseen one'.