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How many children did Hal Roach have?

Hal Roach had six children by two wives . Hal Roach married actress  Marguerite Nichols . They had two children , Hal Jr. (June 15, 1918  - March 29, 1972) and Margaret M. R (MORE)

How to get rid of roaches-?

One way to get rid of roaches is to sprinkle boric acid around your  cupboards, sinks, and any cracks that you may have. The boric acid  is a natural way to repel them. If y (MORE)
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Can a roach see?

Roaches have a pair of compound eyes, each made up of more than 2,000 individual hexagonal-shaped facets that each have its own optic nerve. They are nocturnal insects and hav (MORE)

Where do roaches live?

cockroaches live in warm places like in the walls of houses that have holes in it or in the bottom of your house most likely they mostly go in worn down houses.They also will (MORE)

Do roaches bleed?

Cockroaches bleed white blood.They also do not  have  veins there blood sloshes around there organs in there chest  cavity.
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What attracts roaches?

Cracks in your doors or on the house lets them come and go as they please. They eat glue, food, dog food, and more. They like moist dark places to hide. A bathroom cabinet or (MORE)

How do you eat a roach?

I prefer to go head first and save the best part, the crunchy legs, for last... However this is this is merely my personal opinion some prefer the tail first   They are del (MORE)

Are roaches crustaceans?

Roaches are insects, not crustaceans. Crustaceans are mostly aquatic animals, although some (like the sow bug) do live in damp land environments. Roaches do not need an aquati (MORE)

How do you get a roach out of your ear?

A miniscule roach (or other insect) may be caught in the ear wax, or continue to crawl. However, the eardrum is usually too solid to be damaged by the tiny insect. The simples (MORE)