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Who was HAL 9000?

HAL9000 is of the 9000 computer series ['the most advanced computer in the world...which has never made a mistake'] in the Space Odyssey series of books and films (Kubrick's ( Full Answer )
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What is HAL?

HAL was the name of the computer in the film "2001, A Space Odyssey." The name was derived from a letter shift cipher based on IBM, each letter shifted one position to the lef ( Full Answer )
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Who was Hal Morris?

former high school tennis and baseball player from munster ind. former collegiate baseball player from the university of michigan. former major league player for teams of cinc ( Full Answer )
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What does hal stand for?

HAL stands for Windows' Hardware Abstraction Layer. The HAL implements a number of functions that are implemented in different ways by different hardware platforms, which in t ( Full Answer )
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Who was hal Percy?

Hal and Percy are two different people. They are characters fromthe Percy Jackson movies that are based off of Greek mythology.
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Where is hal stalmaster?

Hal is alive and well and an actors representative (agent) in Los Angeles. Among his clients are William Christopher, Jamie Farr, Loretta Swit and Harry Morgan from TV's M*A* ( Full Answer )
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Where is Hals Academy?

30 Pendleton Road New Britain, CT. It near CCSU , and behind a church. Very easy to miss, so keep a look out. Its not that big of a school, so yeah. :] Good luck?
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What does HAL means?

Lol, my sister says HAL HU , i think its this mental-peoples word. LOL. Its freaky when you hear it. HAL has no meaning. Its not even a word.*
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How do you rebuild HAL?

HAL does not exist. it is a pun on IBM with a one letter shift. a very elementary foirm of cipher. H-I A-B L-M hence IBM. INternational Business Machines. Marvin Minsky gave ( Full Answer )
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What does hal mean?

hal is a way of saying hello in nerd talk also seen on geekygerti on youtube