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What is in Half life 2 game of the year edition?

  It is practecly the same is Half-Life 2. Only from the fact that it has a lower price. Valve lowers the price from the fact it won a "Game of the year" award. like Half- (MORE)
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What is half life?

Either... 1. The time it takes half of the atoms of an isotope to decay. 2. One of the first 3D games, made by Valve, taking place in an underground research facility calle (MORE)

In the Half-Life series of video games does Gordon Freeman's HEV suit have a helmet?

There is no definitive answer to whether Gordon has a helmet or not. There is evidence supporting both possibilities. Some common arguments for and against a helmet are listed (MORE)

What is a Libby half-life?

A Libby half-life is another name for the half-life of carbon-14, used in carbon dating, which was a process invented by Willard Libby and his colleagues. The numerical value (MORE)

Half-life of radium is?

The most important isotope of radium is 226 Ra with a half life of 1 602 years.
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Do all elements have a half-life?

Yes. From a technical point of view, all elements have isotopes (nuclides) that are radioactive and therefore have half-lives. But the majority of these are artificial - man m (MORE)