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What are the hallmarks of postmodernism?

Hallmarks of Postmodernism To begin with you must first address what is modernism. Modernity dealt with concepts of new materials, society and the future- pre World War One a (MORE)
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What is a hallmark?

A hallmark is a mark that is stamped on something to prove itspurity and value. You will find hallmarks on silver and goldjewelry.

What hallmark is the sunflower?

Since 1864 a hallmark has been a mark of quality. It is used as a signature on fine jewelry and other valuable or signature items (if you watch Antiques Roadshow, you know how (MORE)
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What is hallmark jewelry?

The hallmark for jewelry indicates the person who made the jewelry. Every designer has their own hallmark. You will often see numbers by a hallmark such as 925 which means it (MORE)

Do earrings have hallmarks?

The more expensive old jewellery always has a hallmark. In most cases you will need an eye loop to see the marking, generally on the the setting or somewhere on or near the cl (MORE)
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What is hallmark jewellery?

It depends on what context you mean. There is a jewellery company called 'Hallmark' - However... Hallmark jewellery usually refers to jewellery that conforms to internationa (MORE)

Who started hallmark and why?

The first known use of hallmarks were in England in 1773. It was in effort to standardise a conformity to legal standards of purity. Archaeological hallmarking has been identi (MORE)