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What are hallucinations?

A hallucination is a sense perception that has no basis in externalstimulation. One type is where you see things that isn't reallythere. It's very common in kids younger than (MORE)

Why do you hallucinate?

People are still a little uncertain as to how hallucinations are formed and why they occur, but there are a few theories that seem to each play a part. The most common theorie (MORE)

Do cats hallucinate?

There is a syndrome called Feline Hyperesthesia, which is poorlyunderstood but has been observed to involve sensory hallucinationsfor cats. So yes, they can. The Pathophysiol (MORE)

Can anyone hallucinate?

In certain circumstances, yes anyone can hallucinate. Some commoncauses include: . reactions to prescribed medications . meds taken in excess . illegal drugs . life threa (MORE)
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Can you hallucinate with ecstasy?

Yes you can,but it depends on several different factors like the type of ecstasy your taking,the amount your taking,lighting,mood,and several other factors.In summary yes it i (MORE)
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How can hallucinations appear?

occur during periods of consciousness. They can appear in the form of visions, voices or sounds, tactile feelings (known as haptic hallucinations), smells, or tastes.

What is insomnia and hallucination?

Hallucination is when someone *physically* starts seeing their fears when they really aren't there and insomnia is when you are unable to fall or stay asleep for many nights i (MORE)