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What are hallucinations?

A hallucination is a sense perception that has no basis in external  stimulation. One type is where you see things that isn't really  there. It's very common in kids younger (MORE)

Why do you hallucinate?

People are still a little uncertain as to how hallucinations are formed and why they occur, but there are a few theories that seem to each play a part. The most common theorie (MORE)

Why do I hallucinate at night?

you hallucinate at night because your brain is slowing down and processing everything that happened during the day this is what also causes us to dream
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What happens when you hallucinate?

Hallucinations are similar to waking dreams. You may see or hear things that are not actually there, or your mind may interpret actual situations in surreal or impossible ways (MORE)

What rhymes with hallucinate?

glucinateleucinatemucinate    Consider using these near-rhymes or slant-rhymes   euccinatetubinateglutatnatesolutionstateconcubinatetubulatedualgategeuiculatemissourist (MORE)
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Can you hallucinate on buspar?

It is possible to minor/moderate hallucinations on BuSpar. It happened to me while taking it. This is labeled as a SERIOUS side effect. Contact your doctor. I do not recommen (MORE)

Can a hallucination be auditory?

Yes, it's common, especially after the death of someone close to you. You will likely have one or two instances of being certain you heard the person say or call your name - b (MORE)

What should you do when you have hallucinations?

Hallucinosis is a condition when the body identifies something incorrectly. It could be any of the five senses: sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing. It is never considered a " (MORE)