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How do you make semolina halva?

Hi try this recipe. I used to have one from the hare Krishna cookbook that didn't have all the spices just sultanas butter etc but this one looks good (MORE)

How many ingredients are in halva?

Depends on the type you want to make. The basic, just plain one, has about 7 ingredients, if you count cinnamon and cloves. Or else just 5.
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How seasam halva made?

Halva is made by grinding sesame seeds with honey and flavorings such as vanilla or chocolate.
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Is halva nutricious?

There are probably better choices, nutritionally--for the small amount of B vitamins contributed by the sesame seeds, there sure is an awful lot of fat, plus the sugar, in the (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in Halva sanningen - 2005?

The cast of Halva sanningen - 2005 includes: Zoltan Bajkai as Marcello Hans Bendrik as Farfar Dick Forsberg as Banverksarbetare Martina Haag as Lena Gustav Johansson as Robin (MORE)