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Who was the son of Noah?

If we follow the genealogical line far enough, the son of Noah was Jesus Christ.   Noah's three recorded sons in the first instance were Shem, Ham and Japheth. From these t (MORE)

Which son of Noah did Abraham descend from?

Abraham is one of the three sons of Terah. Terah was the tenth son  of Noah. Abraham was originally Abram, the first of three biblical  patriarchs. His brothers were Nahor a (MORE)

How do you get the ghost son to her mom on Hamtaro Ham Ham Heartbreak?

you have to help the guy who lost his wallet find it first, but to do this, you have to know the word "dingding". say it to the hamster and he'll go up. follow him and say "di (MORE)

Who is the Eldest son of Noah?

Yaphet was the oldest son, shem is only thought to be the oldest son but really he is the middle child. We see that he is not the oldest because of a rashi commentary: shem is (MORE)

Who are the sons of Ham?

HAM: descendant of NOAH ... had 4 sons (CUSH, MIZRAIM, PUT, CANAAN) Ham was the Father and Grandfather of Black Nations Darkest of sons "Hamm -- a man with a dark comple (MORE)

Who wrote about Noah and his sons?

Moses is credited with being the author of Genesis and thus of theaccount of Noah and his family. The internal evidence, historicalcontinuity of recognition amongst the Jews, (MORE)

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