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Who was Alexander Hamilton?

Alexander Hamilton was George Washington's Secretary of the Treasury. He was a Federalist, meaning he believed in a strong central government, unlike the Democratic-Republican (MORE)

What was Alexander Hamilton about?

Alexander Hamilton was a very important Founding Father and was the first secretary of the treasury. After endorsing Thomas Jefferson for president, Aaron but killed him in a (MORE)

What rhymes with Hamilton?

The rhymes with Hamilton are all words that have the same sound with Hamilton, especially the last sound " milton or ton " like Marathon, Washington, skeleton, Boston, Hou (MORE)

Who is Shawn Hamilton?

Shawn Hamilton, President of "The Wonderful Music Foundation". Dr. Shawn H. Hamilton, MD Irvine, CA Shawn Hamilton, Equestrian Photragrapher, Clix Photography, Orono, Ontario (MORE)

Who was Alexander Hamilton and what did he do?

Alexander Hamilton was one of the most prominent founding fathers in American history. He was the Secratary of Treasury under George Washington, and he had a lot of influenc (MORE)
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Who was Bobby Hamilton?

He was a race driver from the Nashville, Tennessee area who grew up in an impoverished area and worked as a repossessor while also working on racecars. He competed at the Na (MORE)
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What is free hamilton?

Free hamilton is the part of the name of Radio Free Hamilton, which is a news and journalism source that can be found in their website as well as their Facebook page.