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What is the book Hamlet about?

A good synopsis of the play is impossible to give in a brief answer. Hamlet is a complex play, and it's also Shakespeare's longest play. Do an internet search for "Hamlet" and (MORE)

How many lines does hamlet have in hamlet?

  Other sources say that the play itself has 4,042 lines and 29,551 words, and that Hamlet has approximately 40% of the total lines. I wanted to check this out, so I count (MORE)

What was Hamlet about?

Hamlet is about a young man named Hamlet who's father dies. He sees his father's ghost and the ghost tells him his uncle was the one who killed him and asks Hamlet to seek rev (MORE)

What is Hamlet story about?

Hamlet is a world famous tradey written by William Shakespeare. Basicly, the story starts with Hamlet in greiving for his dead dad, yet everyone else is happy cause his mum ju (MORE)