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What arrangement does Hamlet make in player 1?

Hamlet asks the player to play The Murder of Gonzago and to add some extra lines which Hamlet as written.
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In Hamlet

What is hamlet about?

It's about a prince called Hamlet who's father was poisioned! He thinks his uncle (Claudious!) murded his dad to gain the throne. His uncle then becomes king after marrying Ha (MORE)

What happens in act 1 of Hamlet?

The ghost of Hamlet's father appears to some guards. The guards tell Hamlet who says he will go watch for the ghost. Laertes, son of Polonius, embarks for France. Polonius tel (MORE)

What was Hamlet about?

Hamlet is about a young man named Hamlet who's father dies. He sees his father's ghost and the ghost tells him his uncle was the one who killed him and asks Hamlet to seek rev (MORE)

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