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Is it a hammer?

If it has a shaft of wood, metal or plastic and a head designed for striking -then it's some variety of hammer. There are dozens of kinds of hammer to perform many jobs.
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Who was the hammer?

The Hammer is the ghost of an African-American blacksmith, George Markley, who lived in a small town in the 1890s. He was wrongfully accused of stealing by a white man from hi (MORE)
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Why do you call a hammer a hammer?

The word hammer comes from the Old English word hamor which in Germanic mean "stone" or "stone tool".
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What is the hammer?

a hammer is a tool that you use when you have to put a nail into a wall ANS 2 -There are all kinds of hammers and they are far more versatile than for simply putting a nai (MORE)
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Where can you get a hammer?

Just about every hardware store I've ever seen sells hammers. Go to Rona, Canadian Tire or Home Depot to see a real selection of different hammers. Just in claw hammers alone (MORE)
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What is a hammer?

The official definition of a hammer is "a tool with a heavy metalhead mounted at right angles at the end of a handle, used for jobssuch as breaking things and driving in nails (MORE)
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What can the hammer do?

The hammer can hammer nails in, it can pull those nails out, it can be used delicately to 'adjust' things that don't quite fit. Some hammers can fix dents in auto body work, o (MORE)
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Why is a hammer?

A hammer is a tool meant to deliver an impact to an object. The most common uses are for driving nails , fitting parts, forging metal and breaking up objects. Hamme (MORE)
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What is a hammering?

The term has many forms but the most used in to mean; I'm going to give you a good thrashing (as in physical attck) They were hammered - normally used in sport to mean well b (MORE)