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Who lived in Hampton court palace?

Lots of people have lived in Hampton Court. It was originally built  by Cardinal Wolsey. After his death it came into the possession of  Henry VIII and has been a royal pala (MORE)

Where was Hampton court palace located?

I live in England, near Hampton Court. I don't think that it was ever moved, and has always been on the bank of the Thames in Hampton, on the way to Kingston. If you're look (MORE)

Why was Hampton Court Palace built?

Hampton Court Palace was originally built for Cardinal Wolsey, a  favorite of King Henry VIII. After he fell from favor, the palace  was passed to the King. The following ce (MORE)

Why is Hampton Court Palace there?

Hampton Court Palace is built on the River Thames in Surrey. The reason why it was built in the countryside was because Henry VIII, owner of Hampton Court Palace from 1529, en (MORE)

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