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What does Beat it hands down mean?

It is an expression that came from horse racing. When a jockey was far enough ahead of the rest just before crossing the finish line, you might see him release his grip from t (MORE)
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What does hand down man down mean in basketball?

It has nothing to do with dunking, mad hard or otherwise. The phrase comes from boxing, in which if you drop your defense (hands), you're going to be knocked out. In basketba (MORE)

How can you get a handed down firearm registered in your name?

A good first step will be to check with a gun dealer in the area where YOU live (we don't know that, since you did not specify). MOST states in the US do not have "registratio (MORE)

What is handing down judgment?

It is a figure-of-speech that describes a judge delivering his ruling in a case. He is said to "handing down" his opinion from the bench (which is usually situated on a higher (MORE)

How were William Shakespeare's plays handed down?

All 38 plays which we recognize as Shakespeare's were published before 1634 in some form. We are very fortunate in that two friends of Shakespeare's, Heminges and Condell, de (MORE)

Where were the ten commandments handed down to the Hebrews?

At Mount Sinai   This was at Mt Sinai:-   Exodus 31:18"And to Moses, when He had made an end of communing with him upon mount Sinai, He gave two tables of testimony, t (MORE)

How can you do an aerial without putting your hands down?

start by doing a run with a cartwheels and waiting as long as you can to put your hands down. then as you go on you will find it a lot easier. lift you hips up and swing your (MORE)