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What country has the 24- letter alphabet of Hangul?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nKorea, has the 25 letter Hangul alphabet, reference this link\n. \n
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What is the difference between Hangul and Hanja?

Hanja, is the Korean name for Chinese characters. It refers to those Chinese characters borrowed from Chinese and incorporated into the Korean language with Korean pronunciati ( Full Answer )
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How do you say pretty face in hangul?

If the pretty face that you mean is just simply pretty, you say "yeppeu" / "yeppeun" . But if you mean best face or something alike, you say eol jjang . Netizens usu ( Full Answer )
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What was the hangul alphabet?

I think you mean, "What is the Hangul alphabet. It is the Korean letter system. When you have a syllable, it stacks the first letters on top of it. the word, pantry, would l ( Full Answer )
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How do you write i hate you in hangul?

I really hate write Hangul on keyboard because it is not easy to up and down for typing as Hangul.
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Why is Hangul so important?

It helped them write to each other and keep tracks with things they traded with others. It also told how much money they had or how much items they had.
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How do you write kamsahamnida in Hangul?

"Kamsahamnida" is written as 감사합니다 in Hangul.. 감 - kam/gam . 사 - sa. 합 - ham/hab . 니 - ni . 다 - da .
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Why Korea switched to hangul?

King Saejong changed it to hangul because he wanted people to be able to read signswithout getting confused. Also because they might have wanted to have their own language.
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How do you write 加油 in hangul?

"加油" is read as jia you. It is Chinese which literally means "put oil". But it is used to encourage someone especially in cheering (It is like: Go team!/ Let's go!) ( Full Answer )
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Who uses Hangul North or South Korea?

Both North Korea and South Korea use Hangul. All the written characters are the same in both countries.