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How did Robert Ballard discover the Titanic?

Dr. Robert Ballard utilized the Argo, which was a deep sea  underwater craft. Going by what he found when he used the Argo to  search for two sunken Navy submarines, he then (MORE)

Why was Florence Ballard fired from The Supremes?

florence ballard was mad because she was push in the back with Mary Wilson. "Over the next two years, Ballard and Gordy argued frequently, particularly as Ross became the grou (MORE)

What is Parker ballard rifle?

it is a Voere commercial 98 Mauser action rifle with a tang safety, imported by jerry's sport center under the made up name of 'parker ballard'. they are Austrian, exceptional (MORE)
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Where does Robert Ballard live?

According to a Public Television broadcast with Alan Alda, Robert Ballard lives in Connecticut overlooking the Connecticut River.

What happened to Florence Ballard?

Although Flo founded the group and sang the lead on some of its early songs, she was forced out as leader and as lead singer and was then fired from the group entirely. She di (MORE)

What is a ballard poem?

A Ballard poem or song is a poem telling a story in an abstract  way. It is a story told through poetry or song that often describes  a story that ends with sorrow. For exam (MORE)

Is Florence Ballard from The Supremes dead?

Florence Ballard died on 22 February 1976, due to a blood clot, this was the result of alcohol (due to depression) and drugs to help her with weight loss and high blood pressu (MORE)

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