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What does 'forca barca' mean?

Strength to Barca! (Barca being the shorthand of Barcelona FC, a football club from Spain). Kind of a Spanish way to say "Let's Go ____"!
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What are the movies in the Hannibal series?

Thomas Harris published four novels that feature the Hannibal Lecter character. First was Red Dragon (1981), and the first movie based on it, Manhunter (1986). In Manhunter, t (MORE)

When did Hannibal die?

It is said that he died around 183 BC, the same as Scipio. No one knows precisely. Allegedly, he took his own poison that he carried in his ring rather than surrender..
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Who did Hannibal Barca marry?

Ancient historians wrote that Hannibal of Carthage may have had a wife named Imilce. Imilce was an Iberian woman from Castulo.
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Did Hannibal defeat Rome?

No. He had many victories throughout the Italian peninsula, but  failed to capture Rome itself. The second Punic War (in which the  Carthaginian general was Hannibal) ended (MORE)

What war did Romans lose to Hannibal?

The Second Punic War in which Hannibal was a leading Carthaginian general was won by Rome. During his 15 year invasion of Italy, Hannibal won several battles against Rome, but (MORE)