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Is Hanoi inland?

Answer . Look this link: . The capital of Vietnam, in the northern part of the country on the Red River. Founded before the sev (MORE)
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Towers of hanoi?

Putting a question mark after the name of a game or puzzle does not make it a sensible question.
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What continent is hanoi on?

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, which is a country in the continent of Asia. Regionally, Vietnam is a part of Southeast Asia.
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What can you hear in Hanoi?

During the war; falling and exploding bombs from US bombers; plus AAA defense systems (Anti-Aircraft Artillery). Today, probably automobile traffic.
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What is the languages in hanoi?

The language in hanoi is vietnamese. Vietnamese has easy grammar, but it's hard pronouce for foreign specialy is people live in euro
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What is the history of hanoi?

In 1010, king Ly Thai To, or king Ly the First changed the capital of the kingdom to Thang Long (Hanoi's formal name, a.k.a. Flying Dragon) because Thang Long's geographic cha (MORE)
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What is the climate in Hanoi?

Hanoi has four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter. Summer is from May to September and extremely humid. Temperatures can be around 90-100 degrees F. Fall is generally su (MORE)
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Does it snow in Hanoi?

No, it doesn't. Hanoi has two clearly seasons is cold and hot. When Hanoi is in cold, the weather is lowest 1-2 and highest 19-20 degree celsiou. There is a place Sapa near (MORE)
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What is UNIS Hanoi?

The United Nations International School of Hanoi is a privateinternational school in Hanoi, Vietnam. Cirricular is taught inEnglish.
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What is Towers of hanoi?

The Tower of Hanoi (also called the Tower of Brahma or Lucas' Tower , and sometimes pluralized) is a mathematical game orpuzzle. It consists of three rods, and a number o (MORE)