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Who are in the champions league?

2011 knockout stages: Barcelona, Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Shalke 04, Bayern Munich, Shakhtar Donetsk, Fc Copenhagen, AC Milan, (MORE)

How was the Hanseatic League a trade monopoly?

There are a couple of ways that turned into a virtual monopoly in certain cases: The economic and political influence the league had often meant that they could control trade (MORE)

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What was the Peloponnesian League?

The Peloponnesian League was formed by several states within the  Peloponnese and headed by Sparta. League states included Sparta,  Corinth, Elis and Tegea. Eventually, the (MORE)

What does out of league mean?

"You're out of my league" - means that you're too good for me (Also, means that "I don't deserve you") "I am out of your league" - means that you're not good enough for me ( (MORE)

What was the Hanseatic League?

The Hanseatic League was a commercial confederation among the trade guilds in Northern Europe, mainly in German coastal cities and the Baltic region. It operated between the 1 (MORE)

The Delian League was?

The Delian League was an alliance of up to 200 Greek city-states  located around the Aegean and Black Seas which combined under the  leadership of Athens in 378 BCE to resis (MORE)