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What is the Nationality of surname Hanson?

(I think it maybe German.) The above is certainly possible, but most references point to the surname "Hanson" as coming from Britain, during recorded history anyway. Because (MORE)

What did John Hanson do?

John Hanson was an American official that lived during the American  Revolution Era and that became President of the Continental  Congress, occupying a charge that had very (MORE)
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How old are the Hanson boys?

  Ike Hanson is 29 (17th November 1980), Tay Hanson is 26 (14th March 1983) and Zac Hanson is 24 (22nd October 1985).

Was chad kroeger in hanson?

Nope. Never has, most likely never will be. The 3 hanson brothers include of: Isaac, Taylor, and Zac. Whose Recording Studio is in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. Label is (3CG) - 3 (MORE)

Who were Robert Hanson Harrison's children?

  Robert Hanson Harrison was my 6th great grandfather.   He had two daughters, Dorothy (who I know nothing about other than her name) and Sarah (1769-1844.) Sarah marri (MORE)

Who is Gregory Hanson?

Gregory Hanson is the Chief Executive Officer of Hanson Logistics.  He has held this position since 2003. Before this position, he was  president.

Who is Jane hanson dating?

Well I think this girl is 6th grade which now she is going on to 7th grade! And she is going to be in Video Production next year!! But I have a girl friend which she is going (MORE)

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