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Who was Hapi?

Hapi was an Ancient Egyptian god. He was the god of the Nile river and he was sent to the underworld
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Who was hapi married to?

If you are talking about Hapi, the Egyptian river god, he was married to Nekhebet. If you mean the son of Horus, He didn't have any recorded wives or children.
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What did hapi look like?

In some cases he is green and blue. Otherwise he is skin color. He holds an ankh in his hand. He has the head of a crocodile. There are two hapis. One of Upper Egypt and one o ( Full Answer )
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Hapi was the god of what?

Hapi is the ancient god of the Mile. Halo was portrayed as a man with women's breasts and protruding belly. This indicated fertility and ability to nourish the land. The wife ( Full Answer )
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What was the god hapy god of?

Hapi was the god of the Nile river. Hapy/Hapi was not the God of the Nile. He was the God of the annual inundation or flooding of the Nile. His name is normally spelt with ( Full Answer )
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How can i make my wife hapy?

you have to please your tender loving care.not to be one sided fully attention when your wife talks.have dinner outside frequently...and...........
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Did hapi have any children?

In ancient Egyptian religion there were two different gods called hp in hieroglyphs, which is pronounced today as Hapi or Hapy. Neither of these two deities had any child ( Full Answer )
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How do you pronounce hapy?

The Egyptian name Hapi ( Hapy ) is intended to be pronounced (HOP-ee) rather than as the English word happy (hah-pee).
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Is Hapi god of the nile calm?

There is no myth of him not being so, but the annual flooding of the Nile was both a time of fear - that there would be too much flooding - and not enough flooding for the fie ( Full Answer )
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What was god Hapi resembles?

There are two gods called Hapi, although their hieroglyphic names are quite different. Hapi (Hep, Hap, Hapy, Hapr) the blue/green skinned god of the Nile and its inundation ( Full Answer )