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What is happiness?

This is a difficult question. If one can do things one likes andhas no worries, then one may find that one is happy. I think thathappiness is usually a by-product of other thi (MORE)
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How do you be happy?

Happy is a thing when you like something our really pleased about something. You can be happy with -. + Humour ( Some one makes you laugh lots.). + Pleased( You've passed t (MORE)

I am happy are you?

no i am very sad.. and i feel like crap.!!!. Eileen . I was doing well, but now I kind of feel bad for Eileen.. Eidllaew

How can you happy?

well... how can you be happy? well.... That is an easy question! think happy thoughts! Just think what you did happy... Like i have 100% at my exam! im happy! i went to other (MORE)

What do you do when you are happy?

I say yayi !yayi! yayi!I look into the mirror n congratulate myself.I want to cook something especially desserts.If husband is present there that time then i kiss n hug him.we (MORE)

How can you get happy?

Be a Christan. ILOVEJESUS or a buddist or a Muslim or a film critic or a zoo keeper or whatever it is you really want to be because you love it, and are doing (MORE)

How do you be happy with what you have?

How can you Not be happy with what you have? What is it exactly that you are not happy about? It is very hard to try and figure out how to help your underlying issue, please b (MORE)

What do you have to have to be happy?

I believe that to be happy you have to do what you love, love what you do, and most importantly love. Life is too short for anger,pain,misery, and while these emotions are als (MORE)