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Did prince make a jazz album?

Yes he did. Check out Madhouse. Prince and Eric Leeds developed the album which are very rare and hard to come by. The albums are fantastic but they have not been re-released (MORE)

How do you say happy anniversary in Samoan?

"Happy Anniversary" literally interprets to: "Fa'amanatuga fiafia". Translating the idea/meaning would be "Fa'amanatuga manuia". Fa'amanatuga is really "Remembrance", so to ma (MORE)
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How do you say happy anniversary in Samoa?

"Happy Anniversary" - "Manuia le Fa'amanatuga". To be specific, you would need to say what the Anniversary is. Example - Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary" - "Manuia le fa'amanat (MORE)

Is itt customary to say happy anniversary to your parents on their anniversary?

It has been so for more years than I can remember. In fact I would say that it is more important than saying happy birthday. Your birthday means that you have reached another (MORE)

How do you say Happy Anniversary in Swedish?

Happy anniversary = Grattis på årsdagen It's rarely used though, usually you congratualte people on specific anniversaries. Ex. Happy birthday = Grattis på födelseda (MORE)

How do you say Happy Anniversary in French?

If you want to wish a happy birthday : "Joyeux anniversaire", or "bon anniversaire". If you're talking about a wedding birthday you can say : "Joyeux anniversaire de mariage (MORE)

How do you write happy anniversary in Arabic?

Translation: Dhikra sanawiya sa3ida (ذكرى سنوية سعيدة) Note: Dh is the "th" sound in "the", "them", and "that" (as opposed to the "th" in "thin", "thought", an (MORE)

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