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What is the value of a Harald Petersen guitar?

There are two types, one made by the Father and the other made by his sons.In excellent condition dates up to mid 1960's and made by the father would retail around £1200. Eba (MORE)

What does harald hardrada's name mean?

I have heard that Hardrada means hard ruler, this gives you an idea of why he deserved to be king of Norway! I know this is short but I hope it helps! This was not my answer s (MORE)

How did Harald Hardrada die?

Harald Hardrada's Death Harald Hadrada, from Norway, was killed on 25th September 1066 at the Battle of Stamford Bridge. It is said that he was shot by an arrow in the neck b (MORE)

Who is king harald?

Harald Hardrada was the king of Norway he was born in 1016. In 1064 Edward the confessor (king of England died. Harald believed he should be king of England as well because he (MORE)

Who killed Harald Hardrada?

Harald Hadrada was killed by Harold Godwinson (also known as Harold II) When an arrow pierced through his throat.
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