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What is the penalty in NY for pl-240.26-01 2- harassment 2 phys contact?

Yes, this is too easy to answer since, unfortunately I have that violation on my record. Basically it's not a felony or a misdemeanor. It's a violation, like a ticket. You wil (MORE)
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What is harassment?

harassment is when you offend other people. It is when you  continually bother someone's personal space without permission
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Is staring harassment?

yes staring is harrasment if unwanted if you feel uncofortable with someone staring at you tell someone get a restraining order before that person begans to stalk you

Is harassment illegal?

Yes it is a crime and you can serve time for doing it. The question was not whether it was a criminal offense. Even race harassment or sexual harassment at work are illegal, a (MORE)

Is harassment a crime?

no Another View: Actually, more specific information is required in order to answer the question. 'Harassment' is a very broad and subjective topic and can take many forms, s (MORE)

Why were the Mormons harassed?

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the "Mormon" church) are and have been harassed for many things. Usually, it is simply because some (MORE)

How do you handle harassment?

Ignore the person, and do not fight back because this can get you troubled. Walk away from the person who harasses you and then tell a teacher if you really need. Go to your c (MORE)

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