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What is the 4 types of sexual harassment?

 Unwanted verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature   Unwelcome sexual advances   Unwelcome requests for sexual favors   Unwanted verbal or physical conduct (MORE)

What is second degree harassment?

  Harassment in the second degree A person is guilty of harassment in the second degree when, with intent to harass, annoy or alarm another person: 1. He or she strikes (MORE)
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Is staring harassment?

yes staring is harrasment if unwanted if you feel uncofortable with someone staring at you tell someone get a restraining order before that person begans to stalk you
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What can you do to get ex wife to stop harassing you?

First, you should gather some evidence of her harassment such as printed and dated copies of emails, text messages and recordings of phone messages such as voicemails. Do not (MORE)

What are the laws about process servers harassing you?

Process servers are tasked with delivering legal documents to a  person personally. There is no law against them following people or  lying in wait for them to make the deli (MORE)
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What are the categories of sexual harassment?

They usually divide it into three groups: Green light: acceptable behavior, not harassment- "nice dress" etc. Yellow light: borderline behavior- telling dirty jokes (does (MORE)

How do you handle harassment?

Ignore the person, and do not fight back because this can get you troubled. Walk away from the person who harasses you and then tell a teacher if you really need. Go to your c (MORE)

What can you do when your neighbor harasses your dog?

Try having a calm, honest talk with your neighbor (let's say it's a woman) about your dog. Resist the urge to blame her or to raise your voice. Is the animal doing something t (MORE)