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Why did the igneous rocks are always hard?

refer to mode of formation of igneous rock, they are formed due to solidification of molten magma(lava) from within the earths crust. thus igneous rock become the major source (MORE)
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What is the hardness of rock?

The hardness of a rock refers to how easily that rock can be  scratched or how resistant it is to abrasion. A diamond is  considered to be the hardest with talc being the so (MORE)
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Why are rocks hard?

Rocks are hard because the atoms comprising the minerals which are present in rocks have formed a latticework which make them solid and very stiff. Solid, stiff objects requir (MORE)
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What is the hardness of basalt rock?

Plagioclase feldspars which are a component of basalt has a hardness of around 7 on the Mohs Scale.
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How can you test the hardness of rocks?

The hardness of materials is a function of their elastic modulus. As such a number of tests are used to measure hardness. Relative hardness can be assessed by the scratch te (MORE)

Why is hard rock so awesome?

because inside the hard rock is full of dollars it can only be cracked if you hit it to another hard rock wich they will be cracked toghether and you can get plenty of money b (MORE)

Hard rock bands?

Boys like Girls All American Rejects Young Guns Mcfly Linkin Park Green Day These are the ones i know. If you like alternative rock, check out: Boys like Girls (MORE)

Why are starfish hard to pull of rocks?

Echinoderms (which include starfish) have a water vascular system associated with movement in some species and feeding in others. Water is pumped around the system through the (MORE)

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