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How do you hardcore scream?

Okay, first off, screaming doesn't damage your singing voice, if you do it correctly. I've been a hardcore screamer for 3 different bands. What I did was practice screaming an (MORE)
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Where is hardcore holly?

Robert "Bob" Howard better known by his ring name Hardcore Holly, is an American professional wrestler. He is best known for his 15-year stint with World Wrestling Entertainme (MORE)
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What is a Hardcore Kid?

the kid that you see at shows. wearing a brutal looking shirt with gauges in his ear. who's in the middle of the pit dancing by himself. those are "hardcore kids". they wo (MORE)
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What is hardcore punk?

A faster, thicker and heavier version of punk rock. Hardcore punk developed in the early 80s, in the wake of the first era of punk. Hardcore punk tended to be more political a (MORE)
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What is a hardcore?

Hardcore Punk , a heavier, faster version of punk rock . Post-hardcore, a musical offshoot of hardcore punk. . Hardcore Dancing , a form of mosh dancing or slam dancing . M (MORE)
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Meaning of hardcore?

Hardcore, in general means something solid, unbreakable, unshiftable. Used in relation to sexual intercourse, gaming and sports. A hardcore gamer is a person who doesn't di (MORE)
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What is hardcore banking?

The term 'hardcore " in banking refers to a current account which is always in debit.
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What is a hardcore kiss?

hardcore kiss is when there is tounge.... you makeout for a while like 3 maybe more min.
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How hardcore are you?

there are many things to be hardcore in. i'm kinda good at a couple things.