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What is a hardship letter?

A letter, required in a Short Sale transaction, that details the  nature of the homeowner's hardship that necessitates a sale of the  property for less than the balance owed (MORE)

What were Columbus's hardships?

  Well you see...   Columbus sailed on a lot of ships. To withstand the harsh conditions of the sea it was necessary to construct said ships so that they were relativel (MORE)

What were Beethoven's hardships?

He has his hardships when began to lost his hearing. You has to  remember that He was an innovator, widening the scope of sonata,  symphony, concerto and quartet, and combin (MORE)
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Is it due to hardship or do to hardship?

"it is due to hardship"   ---------------------   Above is correct.   the verb "to do" means " to perform or execute"   while "due to" means "as a result of"
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