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What hardships did Archimedes have?

Archimedes was a mathematician who lived from 287-212 BCE. One of  the major hardships he would have had was fighting in the first  Punic War. Syracuse, his birthplace, was (MORE)

What are the hardships in Brazil?

The greatest problem in Brasil is that the people don't trust their government. They don't believe that if they work hard, and educate themselves, there'll be a job for them w (MORE)

What is considered to be a hardship?

Hardship is anything that robs the spirit. But If you are submitting proof of hardship you will want to list in detail any unforeseen challenges and adversities within your fa (MORE)
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What are the hardships of mining?

There are a number of hardships that are often associated with mining, particularly when done underground rather than in an open pit. Working in confined spaces is difficult. (MORE)
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What was the Knights Hardships?

Carrying Things all the time like barrels and lots of heavy things. Most of all Fighting. Please let me know if i helped or not
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Is it due to hardship or do to hardship?

"it is due to hardship"   ---------------------   Above is correct.   the verb "to do" means " to perform or execute"   while "due to" means "as a result of"
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