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What is hardwork?

Hardworking is a key to success and success is what matters in every goal. No hard work no glory. There are people who are intelligent but still they can't achieve their goals (MORE)

What is the meaning of hardwork?

When you are committed 100 % with your work and you wants to do that work with your total intention ,in that way you are in a state of true hardworking .

Is hardworking a personality?

Hardworking is a personality trait. Everybody has multiple traitsthat make up their unique personality, and hardworking can be oneof them.
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How you hardwork in study?

as my opinion to be a student, i say the 88% of hard work depends on our concentration. if we understood the meaning of the notes 3/4 of our studies are complete. then a littl (MORE)

Are horses hardworking?

Horses are hardworking because they transport people and theirgoods from one place to another for thousands of years. ForExample, horses have pulled heavy plows across fields (MORE)