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What is the English for la fin des haricots?

La fin des haricots = the last of the haricot beans. It means the end of everything, when all is lost and there is no hope.
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Ingredient in recipe Haricots vert?

Harcots vert is a special type of very long green bean. Sometimes you find them in Farmer's Markets but seldom in a regular store.
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Does haricot beans provide fiber?

"Haricot" is the French word meaning bean, so "haricot beans" is redundant, and yes, they provide fiber; all beans do.
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What do north Americans call the haricot?

The haricot (in French) is a bean. Haricot beans are small dry white beans which are used in baked bean dishes, soups, and chili. In America, one would buy Navy beans, white b ( Full Answer )
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Do haricot beans have protein in?

Green beans do not contain protein, just carbs, vitamins and small source of minerals. Good source of fiber too, especially raw.