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Are peacocks mean?

I have to say that it depends on the peacock's temperament and its living situation, although most male fowl are considered aggressive. However, aggressive does not necessar (MORE)

How do peacocks mate?

Birds mate sexually just like mammals. And peacocks mate noisily -- there's a lot of flapping and screeching involved. When a peacock wants a mate, he will display his train (MORE)

Can a peacock fly?

  I think they can to a degree, but not for long distances. They would fly if they were in danger. I've seen peacocks fly up a tree and onto a branch

What does harness mean?

A harness is a looped restraint or support. It also means to take control of something with an object or with some kind of power.
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What is har kow?

Har Kow is a translucent prawn dumpling (Chinese food) similar to Har Gow which is a translucent shrimp dumpling. other similar dumplings with variations on the filling are H (MORE)
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What are harness bells?

Harness bells are small bells attached to the harness rope of a riding-horse which will tinkle as the horse rides or moves to warn others of its coming or its whereabouts. In (MORE)