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Do harpy eagles eat anacondas?

Since Harpies not only live up in the canopy but also are found to hunt in the emergent areas or the ground, they probably do eat anacondas, more likely targeting the younger (MORE)

Why was Marie Antoinette drawn as a harpy?

It was at this time that the harpy animal (eagle) was discovered and everyone talked about it. The harpy was a hit. Marie Antoinette designed a mathematical figure and called (MORE)

What is a harpy?

The Harpies were were mainly winged death-spirits best known for constantly stealing food from Phineas. A Harpy could also bring life. One Harpy was the mother of Zephyros, th (MORE)
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Where does the Harpy Eagle come from?

Harpy Eagles come from tropical lowland forests from southeastern Mexico to northern Argentina and southern Brazil. Harpy Eagles prefer large expanses of uninterrupted forest, (MORE)