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Why did the harpies attack Phineas everyday?

they attacked phineas everyday because he was cursed . zeus blinded him and set the harpies to plague him because he was revealing too much of the god's truth to humans
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Why was Marie Antoinette drawn as a harpy?

It was at this time that the harpy animal (eagle) was discovered and everyone talked about it. The harpy was a hit. Marie Antoinette designed a mathematical figure and called (MORE)
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How long are harpy eagle talons?

I believe it's five inches for the hind talons (up to the size of a grizzly bear's claw).
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What is a current population of harpy eagle?

The current population of the harpy eagle is 20,000 to 49,000. The  population is declining at a rapid pace. The home range of the  harpy eagle is South America.
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What is a harpy?

The Harpies were were mainly winged death-spirits best known for constantly stealing food from Phineas. A Harpy could also bring life. One Harpy was the mother of Zephyros, th (MORE)
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Where does the Harpy Eagle come from?

Harpy Eagles come from tropical lowland forests from southeastern Mexico to northern Argentina and southern Brazil. Harpy Eagles prefer large expanses of uninterrupted forest, (MORE)
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How is the harpy eagle in danger from people?

From hunting and deforestation. Some farmers think that harpies could be a threat to livestock, and so they are shot quite a bit in the jungle. They have now gone extinct from (MORE)