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What is a harpy?

The Harpies were were mainly winged death-spirits best known for constantly stealing food from Phineas. A Harpy could also bring life. One Harpy was the mother of Zephyros, th (MORE)
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Harpy eagles what are they?

they are another type of eagle they are beautiful birds they have the loudest hawk ever they are the smallest eagle though so if you see one they look like hawks
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How can you get harpies?

If you are talking about the warhammer 40k tyranid harpy than get a carnifex glue its tail so that its standing up staight (you can add a flying stand if you want) then use th (MORE)
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Who where harpies parents?

The Harpies have different versions of their creations. two are the most commonly heard. The harpies were once nymphs who were out with Persephone while she was picking flowe (MORE)