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When did Harrods in Knightsbridge London open?

Harrods was established in 1834 in London's East End. In 1849, to escape the vice of the inner city Harrod took over a small shop in the district of Knightsbridge, on the site (MORE)

What is Harrods?

Harrods is a department store in London, England. It sells carpets, curtains, toys and lots more.

Can you wear jeans to the harrods store?

  Yes you can I have wore jeans in here before. This is what their website says: 'We aim to make shopping at Harrods pleasurable in every respect. To achieve this we opera (MORE)

Is Harrods in New York City?

No, Harrods is a London department store. See the Related Link below for the Wikipedia entry.
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Harrods mission statement?

  To be the number one department store in the world for luxury branded merchandise maintaining an unprecedented level of retail standards, expertise and profitability.  (MORE)

What are the opening hours for harrods?

  Normal opening hours including bank holidays Mon to Saturday 10.00am to 8.00pm Sunday browsing starts at 11:30am (where you can look but not buy) and then trading hour (MORE)

Who owns harrods?

Although many thinks of Harrods as a British institution, it is  actually owned by Qatar Holdings, the sovereign wealth fund of the  State of Qatar. Quatar Holdings acquired (MORE)