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Will there be a Dexter season 7?

Yes, Dexter has been renewed for a seventh season. For more information, please refer to the related link. Please be advised, if you haven't seen season six in it's entirety (MORE)

Is Colin Dexter still alive?

Yes. Norman Colin Dexter, OBE, the British author who wrote the Inspector Moore novels (under the name Colin Dexter), was born September 29, 1930. He turned 81 in 2011.
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What happened to Dexter as a kid?

dexter and his brother witnessed the brutal murder of their mother and were found by police sitting in pool of blood dexter was adopted by one of the officers and grew up with (MORE)

How do you improve your dexterity in aq worlds?

In order to improve a stat, you must enhance the weapon by going to one of the following: Ninja/Assassin Trainer Trainers (Warrior, Mage, Rogue, Healer) Cysero Each class has (MORE)

Is the word dexterous misspelled?

The spellings "dexterous" and "dextrous" are variants of the same word, usually meaning skillful, although originally meaning right-handed.
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How does Dexter get into his lab?

It changes a few ways in each episode. Sometime he removes a book that open the book shelf (entrance) to his lab. Sometimes he has a separate remote control and pushes a butto (MORE)