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What was a significance Harry Houdini did?

  Harry Houdini became the first person to fly an airplane over Australia, he became the first person to escape from a straightjacket. And he also escaped the infamous 'mi (MORE)

Did Harry Houdini get awards?

Back in those days, There were no awards. Only monetary was earned. 1975 - Houdini received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The star is located on the northwest corner (MORE)

Why was Harry Houdini important?

Harry Houdini was famous because he performed his own stunts and showed his real magic to the world. Also, became very good at what he did because he was in circuses as a youn (MORE)

Who is Harry Houdini?

Harry Houdini was a famous magician who was known for his trick of being chained underwater in a closed container, called the water torture cell. He was also famous for other (MORE)

What movie did Harry Houdini star in?

Houdini starred in multiple movies. Here are a few: The Master Mystery, The Grim Game, Terror Island, The Man From Beyond, and Haldane of the Secret Service
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