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What was the term that Harry S Truman served?

Harry S Truman was the 33rd President of the United States. He served from 1945-1953. As the 34th vice president, he succeeded Franklin D Roosevelt, who died on 12 April 194 (MORE)

Was Harry S Truman an unpopular President?

  No he was actually very popular but:   * The Korean War divided the Nations view.  * The Republicans had control of the Congress.  * The nation was divided on the u (MORE)

What is harry s truman known for?

  Harry Truman is known for his decision to drop the first nuclear bombs on Japan to end World War two.
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What college did Harry S Truman go to?

The previous answer is correct. However, Harry Truman never graduated from college. His highest level of certified education was high school, and yet he is still considered on (MORE)

What did Harry S Truman did important?

Harry S Truman was president first off and isn't that really important? He changed the world. He got Japan to surrender when he brought bombs, he served in the army (captain), (MORE)

Is Harry S. Truman still alive?

No, he is not. He would be nearly 129 years old if he were. He was born in May of 1884 and died December of 1972. He was president from 1945 to 1953.
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What is biographical summary of Harry S. Truman?

Harry Truman was vice president under Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  When FDR died, he became president. He was president that gave the  order to use the nuclear bomb and to jo (MORE)