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What is harsh feeling?

A feeling of hostility or animosity, or a feeling that leaves you emotionally hurt or temporarily depressed.. I am assuming that there isn't any physical harm, because if the (MORE)

Harsh vesicular breathing?

Harsh vesicular breathing may be caused by rigorous exercise. It isalso happens in children since their lungs are thin and elasticmaking the sounds easier to hear.

How harsh can tornadoes be?

so harsh they can rip your house out of the ground as if picking up a feather. and much, much WORSE. like, completely ripping up the highways, and tearing off half of the empi (MORE)
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Who is harsh nayyar?

He is an actor with Indian origin who played the role of NathuramGodse the assasin of Mahatma Gandhi in Richard Attenborough 's film"Gandhi"
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What are harsh nouns?

harsh nouns are when you have a noun that sounds more rude/nasty/mean than a mild noun. for instance perspiration is a mild noun and sweat is a harsh noun because perspiration (MORE)
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What is meaning of harsh?

"Harsh" Of things :- coarse and rough to the touch - unpleasant. Of sound :- disagreeable, grating to the senses. Of attitude :- Stern or exacting to the point of being (MORE)

Is harsh a verd?

Harsh is an adjective. Harsh can be made into an adverb by adding the letters ly to it.